Accounts в XMailer 3.0

In this window there is the main work reaktivny list of accounts for distribution.

Below are a list of features and a brief description of each item:

  • New list - create a new list of accounts, delete the previous list.
  • Save - it is open saving accounts to select the path and format to save list of accounts.
    • file format accounts XMailer 3 (.accs)
    • in text format (.txt), where each account on a new line, format: [email protected]:пароль
  • Download - file download accounts from the selected file or files in the selected format.
    • file format accounts XMailer 3 (.accs)
    • file format accounts XMailer 2 (.as2)
    • in text format (.txt), where each account on a new line, format: [email protected]:пароль
  • Download - download the account list from our base of accounts. Read more here.
  • Order server order ready for mailing smtp server for an additional fee. Read more here.
  • Remove duplicates - removes duplicates from the list of accounts on the basis of email (Login domain).
  • Shuffle allows you to shuffle the list of accounts in a chaotic manner.
  • To check the status and opens a master checking account for performance. Please note, the average time for checking one account about 7 seconds. Therefore, long lists of accounts can be tested for a long period of time before checking XMailer warning estimated duration of the checking accounts.
  • Enable all - activates all the accounts in the list, even if they were disabled.
  • Remove non-working - removal from the list of inactive or non-working accounts.
  • Test ports - verify a connection to the outgoing SMTP server. Read more here

Adding and deleting accounts:

  • Добавить новый аккаунт - кнопка со значком "+". Подробнее here.
  • Remove selected accounts button marked with "-".
  • Dropdown list - sort the list of accounts on the domain.

Videos on window accounts XMailer 3.0