Checker e-mail address for existence

Checker e-mail address for existence в XMailer 3.0

We recommend you to use this tool to validate your recipients ' addresses before each mailing list and weed out Martie mailing address for saving resources.

Possible means of verification

  • Check the syntax
  • allows you to check the spelling of the email address. Does not check DNS server and mail server of the recipient.

  • Domain check
  • checks in the records of the DNS servers for the existence of the record of the recipient domain. We recommend you to use this verification method, together with a check for syntax.

  • Check login
  • checks on the mail server of the recipient that is the most accurate and reliable tests for the existence of pochtovo box, but Soriano with some of the subtleties and difficulties.
    For example: You must have white IP, as the most common post service requires to connect to it, only a white IP. During XMailer produces the address to mail servers in an attempt to learn about the existence specific e-mail addresses, then you can be banned for frequent treatment.
    I would like to note that if while checking for the login you receive the answer about the existence of the recipient address, then it is definitely working there. We recommend to use this method to check the lists up to 1000 addresses in day.