Parser sites

Parser sites XMailer 3.0

Parser sites предназначен для сканирования списка сайтов на наличие емейл адресов.


  • A new list of sites - create a new list of sites to parse
  • Save site list save the current list of sites into a separate file
  • To download sites list - download a list of sites from a file
  • A list of sites from the database of addressees to receive the file list from a mailing list, from section WWW

Description of the functionality and operation of the parser sites

  • Link - add a link to the site for parsing, if the field input is empty and you press the add button opens the item editor where you can add a list of sites. Show more here
  • Max. flows - option to set maximum number of parallel scan processes the list of sites
  • Within the domain - a parameter that specifies the rule to add new links to the list sites for scanning, only belonging to the domain of the scanned links
  • Max. depth - a parameter that specifies the scan depth of the initial list sites. It is desirable to set 3-4-5