How to write a sales letter for advertising?

The constituent elements of effective ads:

  • Enter more contact information in the newsletter. Do not limit yourself to only mobile and landline phones, be sure to provide Your e-mail, skype, ICQ number and so on. Potential clients prefer the telephone as a way to communicate, someone prefer to write an email or use alternative forms of communication. The more types of contacts will be placed in the letter - the better will be Your newsletter.
  • Remove all irrelevant information from advertising (from Your list), leave only the most important points. Otherwise, few people dare to read boring, monotonous and not bearing semantic loading of the text.
  • The title should contain a brief description of the goods or services that You offer. For example, if You sell German cars - You should not write in the header "Good day!", the best solution would be to write — "the Latest model German cars." Now, if people are interested in German cars, it will surely be interested in the contents of the letter of this ad, and he likely will read it, and Your campaign will bring the desired results.
  • Do not specify the address of the website and Your personal email. You should specify the e-mail, specially instituted for that ad. Otherwise, Your official site and specified e-mail risk to be blocked by spam filters. The reason may be that the complaint of the administration of hosting for Your website. Unable to complain as dissatisfied with is competitors. so irritated with spam people who do not want the new portion of advertising.
  • Do not use images and web addresses in Your mailing that has already been used in mass mailings (as they can already be banned by spam filters). You should also avoid creating too large in size layouts, as this greatly increases the risk of a distribution filter of the postal services. If you ignore these rules - Your newsletter can also be disastrous.
  • You are planning to hold any kind of shares, indicate this in Your letter. It is known that men love gifts as well as discounts and various bonuses. If You decide to offer them, thus You can significantly increase the number of responses from this ad.
  • Your benefits. When writing a letter, don't forget to share all their advantages, they need to reflect in Your newsletter. Do not be shy, talking about their advantages over your competitors if You do something better than them — it's worth sharing for sure!
  • Encourage the buyer to action . Think about how you can encourage the person to immediately contact You after reading Your advertising letter. As a rule, after receiving e-mail newsletters people record contacts Your company and then forget about it, shelved. It is important to encourage the client to contact you. Write the advertising letter, for example, the following tempting offer, "the First ten applicants washer discount!", and add — "Hurry to buy, the discount is valid only until the end of the month!".
  • A lot of those letters in the mail. Try to write a wide variety of options in your letter. For example: "Repair PC", "Repair of personal computers — cheap", "Quality service for Your personal computer", "computer Broke down" etc. When performing distribution headers advertising messages will change, and every user will get a message you have selected from this list randomly. Such action will significantly increase the effectiveness of sending letters, which will pass through the filters, and as a result You will receive much more feedback from the mailing list.
  • The subject of the email should be specific. When creating the advertising message for Your advertising it is undesirable to include in your text are boring words like "crisis", "discounts", "commercial proposal" for potential customers, they are of no interest. When a potential customer, looking at Internet mail, notes the accumulation of a huge number of messages, it delays your look only for letters whose themes are the most attractive and interesting, and the rest of the messages waiting for immediate removal. For example, if You specify the subject — "You have a broken TV?", the recipients of the message whose TV really is defective, immediately want to open Your ad.
  • Enter the price, if services are inexpensive. Do not specify the price if they are expensive.
  • Let's say Your business is refilling printer cartridges, and the cost of your services is just 300 rubles — be sure to write about it in Your newsletter! Recipients of a mass mailing will be immediately obvious that they can afford to fill your printer for the price, and they will not be afraid to call You. Specified low cost will cause them to have a genuine interest in Your offer. If, for example, you want to sell your boat or cottage through advertising, and on value it is better to remain silent. About such transactions must be agreed with the client individually. Task distribution in this case is to make the recipient after receiving email contact You, and then You used your skills of the seller.

Remember - quality writing promotional letters depends on the end result!

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We will continue to publish our tips for sending successful newsletters. Hopefully, these tips will help You implement a successful mailing.

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