Nine rules of successful distribution

Email newsletter — a great way to announce the news, find new customers and re-attract those who have already become your client. But if you don't want to buy a branded a spammer, you should follow a few simple rules.

What is spam? 80% of email traffic on the Internet and 20% efficiency. The usual, well-done newsletter will be much more efficient. But even with the best intentions there is always a risk to get into purgatory folder Junk e-mail. To avoid this, you need to consider a number of nuances.

Thus, the 9 simple rules:

  • Do not spam
  • Ask the recipients consent
  • Update your address databases
  • Do not use the purchase base
  • Keep the confirmation on the legality of your base
  • Let the opportunity to unsubscribe directly from the newsletter
  • Do not repeat
  • Beautifully and intelligently make letters
  • Consider the requirements of the spam filter

Do not spam

If your email looks like spam, smells like spam and tastes like spam, then most likely it is. No, seriously. You last came online and understand what you are going to do (for example) is spam. So don't do it, no matter how great the temptation. No matter how it sounded, but it's the only way to help without complaint.

How to prevent complaints?

In fact, receiving complaints from time to time is inevitable. You have to be prepared for the fact that, even with completely legitimate mailing list of fifty thousand people and organizing a quality newsletter, you will still get one or two complaints. And that's the minimum. Sometimes, it's just incorrect action of the user, who thus wants to "unsubscribe" from the mailing list or to hide unwanted mail.

The user is very easy in my Inbox put a few ticks and make a list of unwanted emails in spam. He just clicks the "Spam" button in their Inbox, not knowing what "knocks" thus for your company, using it just as a way to "unsubscribe" from the newsletter. And they get it! Because the mail server is blocking all email from your server, having received a sufficient number of complaints about the same sender.

The easiest way is to contact a company engaged in the newsletters professionally, knowing all the weaknesses of the advertising messages and able to work with recipients, and mail services (i.e. to us). If you want to do a mailing on your own or intend to provide this service to other organizations, then you'll appreciate our simple tips.

They are divided into two categories: working with users and protection from the spam filters.

Working with users

What distinguishes ordinary emails from spam? In fact, the symptom of only one — the availability of legal (i.e., fair) collected a database of addresses. The biggest mistake in the collection of such databases is the lack of Express permission from the user.

Legally collected addresses database

Under the law in this case means only one condition: the recipient of your email was to subscribe (that is, to Express unequivocally a desire to obtain it).

The dissemination of advertisements through telecommunication networks, including through the use of telephone, facsimile, mobile telephone communications, is allowed only with the prior consent of the subscriber or addressee to receive advertising. In this case, advertising is recognized distributed without the prior consent of the subscriber or addressee of advertisements if it is proved that such consent has been obtained (Federal law "On advertising").

If you have an online store, then you have the user base, ie those people who did you purchase. When is the best campaign or series of discounts, of course, the temptation to immediately start sending according to available addresses, but nevertheless must ask permission. Even if the recipients of your customers, don't send them emails without permission. When people buy your products, fill in the questionnaire and provides information about himself, he is absolutely not counting on rough use of your mailbox for promotional purposes.

One should not write off the e-mail addresses from business cards or questionnaires. This information is not for distribution, and for other purposes.

You will receive a confirmation of readiness to receive your emails

Confirm the subscription so that no one was able to sign up for email wrong address.

Upgrade your base

You have the legal base of recipients, but you are too delayed newsletter? If the person has agreed to receive letters two years ago, today newsletter it will surprise or even infuriate – the permission you need to ask again. This is called "method of re-engagement." It gives you the proof that everyone gave permission for the newsletter.

Avoid the purchase bases

Policy rule XMailer allows You to use any database, including the purchase, but we do not recommend it to you. Buying or renting lists is just a waste of money, which is contrary to the recommendations of all the anti-spam associations. Although with proper processing of mailing list and most importantly thoughtful design the layout, you can mitigate risks and threats.

First, you will need to request the recipient's consent to receive the newsletter — for example, by sending them a little letter stating how you got their address, and question whether they wish to obtain from you the information of the message. But this is not a panacea — this list probably buys someone else. In the end, the same recipients get every day a sea of unnecessary emails. At one point, he's just all of them will mark the necessary checkboxes and send to the scrap. In this there will be sent and your email account.

Secondly, it is inefficient to do a mailing, not knowing the history of this list (say, you are doing a newsletter about cars, and the list was going motorcycling enthusiasts). And for the administration of the postal services purchased base, even if the deal was completely "white" — not an argument. If you suspect spam, you will save only confirmation of user consent to the newsletter.

Keep the confirmation of consent for the newsletter

If the user receives a spam report from your side, you are guilty until proven otherwise. After all, the main objective of the e-mail service is to make mailboxes to their customers clean. Thus it has many clients that absolutely no time to hear excuses and complaints every one of them.

However, as long as your mailing list is a legitimately assembled base, and you never hesitate to prove that every complaint is just a mistake – your position can still be saved.

The best proof would be a scan of the questionnaire signed by the client and checked "I want to receive offers by e-mail", or data about the registration (date, name, IP) and the URL of the page where it was recorded.

If you can not confirm the legality of your methods of collecting base emails, the more likely your account will not be unlocked.

Let the opportunity to unsubscribe

Be sure to use the button or the link "Unsubscribe" in each email. Most often they appear in letters in the form of inconspicuous links — and you need to make them visible and easy — the idea is to give users a better push your button, than the button "Spam" in your mail client. For example, we automatically add a link to unsubscribe to the mailing lists of our clients and independently handle all failures. The most important thing is to understand that the presence of a button, your profit will not decrease, but rather increases together with trust and reputation.

You do not need to force the user to enter the username and password if your site or service requires registration — you it is already quite strained by the fact of mailing, from which he or she wants to unsubscribe. If the recipient does not remember or does not want to enter the details for entry, the easiest option for him will, again, send letters to spam.

Do not repeat

If it's too long to send the same type of newsletters or other emails, then surely you will be reported as spammer. It is only a matter of time.

Make beautiful

Think about your recipient. Make beautifully decorated letters, which will look like so that your company is presented to the user reputable and reliable. You can use our database of templates, available right in the XMailer. Read more here.

Cheap design, content errors, gaudy design and bright font colors (see the rules of drawing letters below) guarantee a lot of complaints and subsequent ban.

Be open. Always make the conditions of distribution open. Tell people when and in what quantities you will be sending. If a person subscribes to weekly news, we already in addition to send every four days advertising or messages about your promotions. You will immediately turn into a spammer and a liar. However, even if the newsletter was interesting for a human, he still refuses your letters, preferring to read news in other place. You need to clearly understand the difference between information letter (news), and a gross imposition of their services, advertising of the goods. Most likely, you will need to create two different list of addresses – one for information, another for advertising.

Protection antispam

On average, thanks to spam filters, about 10-20% of all emails disappear in e-mail traffic. And all this through the fault of overzealous spam filters. No need to be a malicious spammer that your letters did not reach the addressees. Even those companies that make distribution quite legally, with the permission and at the request of the addressee punctually "get it hot".

Alas, a quick and simple solution to the problem does not exist. To avoid filters, it is necessary to understand their nature, to understand how they work. And this process is very long and rigorous.

E-mail has a very large list of criteria, which are oriented filters to detect junk email. Included in this list in the first place "spam" phrase. These include, for example: "WARNING, HOT!!!", "CLICK HERE AND YOU WILL HAVE A MILLION DOLLARS!". Recognizing one of these phrases (or very similar to it), post robot recycles the letter. Some criteria give more points, some less. For example, a sample analysis of criteria from SpamAssassin, the most popular spam filter in the world.

The letter will be placed in spam if:

  • mentions wins huge sums of money (0.2 points)
  • why pay more? (1.25 points)
  • a refund for anything (2 points)
  • contains a message about some urgent issue that needs your full attention (2.9 points)
  • offers a cheap mortgage or refinancing (3 points)
  • tells the secret of the unprecedented success of (2.4 points)

If your letter contains a number of spam above a certain threshold, it is removed. On each server the administrator sets the bar individually. If you are already fed up with junk email list, the threshold will be set very low. Almost all the correspondence in this case will go to the scrap.

The above mentioned list of criteria for the definition of spam is constantly growing, filters them to adapt to changes and new spammers ' tricks. The list is updated every time the user clicks "This is spam" in their Inbox. Spam filters can even synchronize and share experiences online.

Signs of spam

What can be the standard mistakes and how to avoid them? As spam, the antispam system will also recognize the following signs:

  • Avoid spam phrases like "Click here!", "Got a million per minute!"
  • exclamation points in the headers and in the message body
  • pressing the "CAPS LOCK" (Yes, Yes :)
  • the color of the fonts, in particular red, green (Oh yeah!)
  • Wrong encoding
  • Using one large image instead of a text letter when the image is not accompanied by a minimal amount of text, the email is deleted as well as spam
  • The use of the words "Test", "Hello", "Test", "Test" in the subject line — this mistake is made by those who spend a testmail inside their corporate email
  • Mailing a single message to many recipients within the same organization with the external addresses is a complex one which will not cope no postal service. It all depends on the system administrator of the company
  • Crooked formatting — do not copy text from Microsoft Word directly into the email text from Word in HTML format will not be displayed correctly. In particular, this applies to quotation marks, ellipsis. You can use when sending mail option with simple formatting (e.g., Gmail) — normal HTML input. However, in this case also you lost all the formatting and, most importantly, links to
  • Sending too many emails per day. Most email services do not allow to send more than 200 emails a day (with the pace of sending 50 000 addresses may be delayed :). In addition, if you rent a server from shared hosting, they can easily disable an account just by seeing an unusual traffic surge. If you have a dedicated service, the administration of the host to respond only to complaints.
  • Our know-how — we run all the letters before sending messages through SpamAssassin, checking the degree of its "spamboti". If it exceeds a certain threshold, the mailing address and edit the newsletter. In the future we plan to implement this service XMailer, then recommendations will be issued directly by downloading the letters.

How to know whether the emails in "Trash" or "Junk"? There are several ways — statistical analysis of discoveries of letters or SMTP records, but ordinary users without the use of specialized software are available. It is the prerogative of specialized services. At the moment possible with XMailer at the stage of closed beta testing, soon expect the release of new application versions.

Successful mailings with XMailer!

We will continue to publish our tips for sending successful newsletters. Hopefully, these tips will help You implement a successful mailing.

The topic of the next article - on offer Technical support.