Innovations in XMailer 3.0.

We develop a universal tool for email newsletters XMailer. Which performs equally well on the subscription mailing database, and allows you to send newsletters... any database of addresses.
It all depends on the user.

In our application, you can define settings which allow you to adjust the most subtle settings.

XMailer different from its competitors, the fact that he was born in an environment where the execution of email newsletters was a professional responsibility of developers.

Therefore, all the difficulties are known and each new version XMailer decided a new complexity in the newsletter.

In the third version, fully updated XMailer 3.0 we decided to rewrite the whole code from scratch and take the best practices over the past years in the new version.
Adding functionality that has long been used and developed in our secret laboratory.

What's new

In the third version we implemented several new features:

  • Download address of the database
  • Download of ready-to-use accounts
  • Проработанный и усовершенствованный Antispam
  • A validation function accounts and addresses
  • and many other

How to launch email

In the following video we have demonstrated how to quickly start a new newsletter using the latest functionality XMailer 3.0

We will continue to publish our tips for sending successful newsletters. Hopefully, these tips will help You implement a successful mailing.

The topic of the next article - on offer Technical support.